Latest Industry Insights From LogiPharma Europe 2024

Last month we attended the LogiPharma 2024, a major life sciences supply chain event that took place at the Centre de Congrès de Lyon, in France, to learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the life sciences supply chain, as well as network with peers and explore innovative solutions.


The event, which was well attended, covered topics such as sustainability initiatives, economic uncertainties, geopolitical risks, digital innovations, and drug/device innovations impacting the life sciences supply chain. To find out more, we talked to James Emslie, who recently joined the team as Enterprise Sales Manager.

James 150x150

Q: James, you just joined us and already jet-setted off to your first event with Veratrak—how was it? And could you dish on some of the main challenges buzzing around the pharmaceutical industry today?

James: It was quite the intro! Diving right into the deep end, but hey, that's how we learn to swim, right? Or at least avoid sinking in front of my new colleagues! The event really opened my eyes to the juggling act pharma and biotech companies are performing. We're talking about managing incredibly complex global networks with more stakeholders than a 'Mad Men' season finale.

There's obviously a huge push to maintain the integrity and safety of products from A to B, so one standout challenge was keeping up with the tangled web of regulatory compliance across various regions. Plus, everyone was talking about ramping up data collection and analytics, knitting tighter supply chain platforms to get better visibility and control. But it's like trying to upgrade from a backyard telescope to Hubble in one step!

Q: There was quite the chatter on better integration and collaboration across the pharma supply chain at LogiPharma. Why is this a game changer and how's tech stepping up to the plate?

James: Oh, absolutely, it’s starting to feel a bit like a group project where everyone actually contributes. Integration and collaboration can massively cut down on operational and management overheads, and really crank up the efficiency. We're seeing tech like blockchain and cloud platforms becoming the glue sticking everything together. They're all about keeping data timely, transparent, and trustworthy. 

Q: With all the tech showcased, which do you think will really turn the pharmaceutical logistics on its head?

James: It's got to be AI and IoT, doesn’t it? They're not just buzzwords—they're game changers. AI is there helping with demand forecasting, anticipating risks and streamlining operations. And then you've got IoT, which is like giving your shipments a personal bodycam. Real-time tracking means we can see everything happening live, which is a total game-changer.

Q: Sustainability was a hot topic too. How can pharma companies weave this into their supply chains without just greenwashing?

James: This is a huge personal passion of mine, and it’s one thing to talk the green talk, but walking it is a whole other ball game. Greenwashing is a real concern in the sector, and I was really enthused to see pharma companies getting stuck into managing their carbon emissions; switching up transport methods, getting smarter with routing, and investing in innovative and reusable packaging solutions.

And tech’s the MVP here too, gathering the data and offering the insights needed to make sure these green projects are actually driving business value. 

Q: Peering into the crystal ball, what trends do you see shaping the future of pharma supply chains?

James: Digital transformation is here to stay, not just as a trend, but as a revolution. It’s about getting smarter, faster, and more flexible. We’ve got to keep our supply chains resilient, especially after the disruptions from global events like the pandemic and geopolitical tensions. With the shift towards personalised medicine, it’s all about agility.

Think of it as preparing for a marathon where each step needs to be calculated but swift. We’re gearing up for a future where adaptability is key, and innovation isn't just nice to have, it’s essential. 

If you didn't get the opportunity to meet with the team, join us in Basel 15-16 May, at the Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme to learn more about our supply chain software solutions.

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