Five main types of data are integrated within the Hub: We integrate deeply and directly with your supply chain, so customers receive access to critical performance information in real time. 


Measure sustainability metrics, emissions calculations and purchase carbon offsets

Achieve better visibility on logistics provider activities and shipping workflows

Global visibility of warehouse network and deliveries

Capture packaging requirements from delivery method, timelines, currency, to warehousing

Synchronise data between production, supply and planning.

The Hub, by Veratrak links systems across pharmaceutical, logistics and contract manufacturing organisations to facilitate collaboration, improve visibility and generate efficiencies across supply chain operations.


Currently, life sciences organisations connect with their warehouse logistics partners through a myriad of peer-to-peer integrations, which costs an average of £500,000 over a six to nine month time period to implement, and specialised, costly expertise to maintain. Veratrak’s integrated Hub removes the need for peer-to-peer connections between life sciences organisations and their partners by offering a cloud-based, scalable, single source of truth for logistics and warehousing services to unlock cost savings, supply chain flexibility, and unparalleled visibility.

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Key benefits

  Reduce integration delivery & maintenance costs

By integrating with the Hub, customers no longer require costly maintenance expertise and expensive testing to support integrations over time, reducing time to onboard new supply chain partners and eliminating peer-to-peer integration maintenance.

 Notifications for advanced monitoring

Through notifications of integration message flow events, and dashboards to monitor integration workflows with partners, Hub customers gain elevated visibility beyond their four walls.

  Meet sustainability goals

Gain visibility across your supply chain to measure your carbon footprint, measure and analyse your sustainability efforts, and take action by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets.

 Technical resiliency & flexibility

By supporting any file format from CSV, to XML, EDI or JSON, and any communication protocol from FTPS, to AS2, or API the Hub's agnostic approach supports existing technical stacks and provides the ability to onboard new partners seamlessly.

 Safeguard data integrity

Our solution architecture secures data ingested to the Hub through a private blockchain network, ensuring leading security and compliance with GxP Data Integrity, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP.

 Reduce operational risk

Enforce harmonious standards across your outsourced provider portfolio, and reduce project management burden through Veratrak's streamlined integration processes, leveraging industry best practices.

The Hub Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

Measure emissions calculations and take action by integrating with the Hub by Veratrak

Integrated customers gain insight into sustainability metrics and the ability to purchase carbon emission offsets with vetted, high-quality projects.

Sustainability data management benefits of connecting to the Hub include:

  • Measure output to offset usage across supply chain
  • Full visibility of sustainability information from outsourced partners in real time
  • Benchmarking and dashboards across outsourced portfolio
  • Choose from a curated list of traditional offsets and innovative carbon removal

Sustainability data captured and centralised into the Hub dashboard includes: Scope 3 Emissions (Purchased goods and services, business travel, employee commuting, waste disposal, use of sold products), transportation and distribution (up- and downstream), investments and leased assets and franchises.

 Integrated emissions calculations based on industry best practice, the GLEC framework and compliant with ISO 14083. 

 Track products along the value chain: reducing inventory safety buffers and respond quickly to unexpected events.

 High quality analytics and reporting to achieve better planning, visibility, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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The Hub Transport Data

Transport Data

Achieve visibility on logistics provider activities and global shipping workflows

Veratrak’s integrated Hub removes P2P connections between Pharma companies and logistics providers, delivering value immediately with each logistics provider throughout your global partnership network.

Transport data management benefits of connecting to the Hub include:

  • Removal of internal message mapping and translation efforts
  • Support of all file formats from CSV, to XML or JSON, and all communication protocols from EDI to AS2
  • Significant cost and time savings per connection and on an annualised basis
  • Leverage Hub-connected partner to reduce the cost, time, and risk traditionally required to onboard a new logistics provider

Transport data captured and centralised into the Hub dashboard includes pallet & unit data, temperature data, shipping, route, and destination data, and picking and storage data.

  Each Pharma company integrates directly into the Hub, by Veratrak once. Veratrak maintains connectivity between industry warehouses.

Logistics providers connect directly with the Veratrak Hub, eliminating the need for clients to complete testing activities of Logistics Services Providers' connections

  The Hub harmonises data across all logistics providers, enabling insightful performance analysis and reporting.

The Hub Transport Data Management
The Hub Warehouse Data

Warehouse Data

Global Visibility of Warehouse Network and Deliveries

Manage warehouse partners, including communication of orders to and from warehouses with the Hub, by Veratrak, which offers warehouse site management view for all deliveries and status updates across all logistics providers.

Warehouse data management benefits of connecting to the Hub include:

  • Gain unparalleled data integrity by leveraging the tamper-proof immutability of blockchain
  • Secure & retain the message delivery data across your entire warehouse network
  • Detailed delivery audit trails can be easily filtered for order history & issue analysis
  • Analytics functionality to deliver key metrics that drive performance within the business

Warehouse data captured and centralised into the Hub dashboard includes product origin and destination data, weight & dimensions data, customs & tax data.

 Scalable Messaging and Business Logic to extend and capture all logistics provider deliveries

 Improved warehouse management at the site level by synthesising messaging noise and organising data for actionability 

 Accept a wide range of metadata for a given message across different pharma companies, and across different geographies

  Transform any inbound to a standard: Veratrak’s standard will accept and appropriately map a wide range of fields for pallet instructions, across all hub companies and markets

 Transform outbound hub messages to the format and protocol for the logistics partner

The Hub Warehouse Data Management
The Hub Packaging Data

Packaging Data

Define packaging, delivery method, timelines and currency requirements for warehouse

The Hub provides Pharma companies and outsourced packaging, manufacturing, and logistics providers with security, flexibility and visibility across their supply chain operations. Our data exchange architecture creates a centralised, harmonious and secure platform to integrate with outsourced suppliers. 

Packaging data management benefits of connecting to the Hub include:

  • Define the level of granularity for your product needs for primary and secondary packaging with your outsourced service providers
  • Gain visibility on packaging data needs and variances as product transfers throughout your end-to-end manufacturing process and borders
  • The Hub harmonises data across all outsourced suppliers, enabling insightful performance analysis and reporting.

Packaging data captured and centralised into our the Hub dashboard includes packing details (active/passive shippers), temperature conditions, pallet instructions.

 Integrated directly into warehouses to provide packaging requirements ranging from delivery method to packaging timelines, currency, and warehousing requirements.
 Real-time information on packaging data message transfer workflows to monitor data transformation and identify issues
 Streamlined data exchange between pharmaceutical companies and their outsourced manufacturing and packaging providers.

The Hub Packaging Data Management
CMO Intelligence

CMO Intelligence

Synchronise data between production, supply and planning.

The Hub provides CMO Intelligence to collate and synchronise manufacturing, quality and commercial data between production, supply, planning and change management systems to achieve a fully integrated view of manufacturing performance.

CMO Intelligence benefits by connecting to the Hub include:

  • Benchmarked production performance across the production portfolio
  • Dynamic supply planning that synchronises with production runs
  • Clear change management workflows featuring single sources of truth
  • CMO intelligence enables standardisation across a single, global platform

CMO Intelligence enables our customers to reduce:

 Product waste and recalls by synchronising change management with production runs at the SKU level.
 Production delays and increase profit margin in production.
 Transportation costs through optimising volume of materials shipped to CMO portfolio.

 Reduce manual effort and human intervention.
 Reduce operational risk of CMO portfolio.


CMO Intelligence

Our customers include

We give pharmaceutical companies the tools to increase visibility of their supply chain and collaborate more effectively within their organisations and outsourced partners. The life sciences supply chain has evolved rapidly. The delivery of medicinal products to patients requires pharmaceutical companies to outsource a number of activities, from manufacturing and packaging to distribution.

We help life science organisations gain control of their supply chains, increasing visibility of product movement and enabling collaboration to coordinate manufacturing and distribution activities.

Contract Manufacturers, including CMOs, CDMOs and CPOs, interact with dozens of customers and outsourced partners within the life sciences supply chain.

We help CMOs, CDMOs and CPOs organise and automate critical workflows in a fully compliant and secure platform, improving collaboration with customers and outsourced partners.

Distribution providers, including LSPs, 3PLs and 4PLs must coordinate a myriad of partners across the life sciences supply chain, from shipping to customs, and warehousing to consumers.

Gaps in visibility and inefficiency emerge at the many interfaces where products change hands. It’s at these interfaces that we develop the right technological solution to regain control of the supply chain, end-to-end.

We are sought out as a technology partner for Governments in shaping policy and providing seminars and workshops on how emerging technology is shaping the way we work.

We also partner with private organisations to deliver training and workshops in emerging technologies, as well as facilitate a number of leading technology forums.

Veratrak is sought out by leading academic and public institutions to shape policy, join world class panels and share our thoughts on how emerging technologies are evolving the future of work.