Measure sustainability metrics, emissions calculations and reduce carbon footprint

Achieve better visibility on logistics provider activities and shipping workflows

Global visibility of warehouse network and deliveries

Capture packaging requirements from delivery method, timelines, currency, to warehousing

The Hub links systems across pharmaceutical, logistics and contract manufacturing organisations to facilitate collaboration, improve visibility and generate efficiencies across supply chain operations. 

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Key benefits

  Reduce integration delivery & maintenance costs

Integrated customers no longer require costly maintenance expertise and expensive testing to support integrations over time, reducing time to onboard new partners and eliminating peer-to-peer integration maintenance.

 Notifications for advanced monitoring

Through notifications of integration message flow events, and dashboards to monitor integration workflows with partners,  customers connected to the Hub gain elevated visibility beyond their four walls.

  Meet sustainability goals

Gain visibility across your supply chain to measure your carbon footprint, measure scope 3 metrics and analyse your sustainability efforts, and take action to improve your supply chain environmental performance.

 Technical resiliency & flexibility

By supporting any file format from CSV, to XML, EDI or JSON, and any communication protocol from FTPS, to AS2, or API the Hub's agnostic approach supports existing technical stacks and provides the ability to onboard new partners seamlessly.

 Safeguard data integrity

Our solution architecture secures data ingested to the Hub through a private blockchain network, ensuring leading security and compliance with GxP Data Integrity, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP. We're also ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.

 Reduce operational risk

Enforce harmonious standards across your outsourced provider portfolio, and reduce project management burden through Veratrak's streamlined integration processes, leveraging industry best practices.

One platform, full visibility, and a single template for all transport and distribution data

Seamlessly integrating with the pharmaceutical supply chain, our platform provides real-time access to critical performance information, empowering you to optimise your operations and respond swiftly to market demands.

The Hub Transport Data

Final Mile Data

Achieve visibility on logistics provider activities and global shipping workflows

As your system integration partner, the Hub removes P2P connections between Pharma companies and logistics providers, delivering value immediately with each logistics provider throughout your global partnership network. 

The Hub Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

Measure emissions calculations and take action by integrating with the Hub by Veratrak

Integrated customers gain insight into sustainability metrics and the ability to purchase carbon emission offsets with vetted, high-quality projects.

The Hub Warehouse Data

Warehouse Data

Global Visibility of Warehouse Network and Deliveries

Manage warehouse partners, including communication of orders to and from warehouses with the Hub, by Veratrak, which offers warehouse site management view for all deliveries and status updates across all logistics providers.

The Hub Packaging Data

Packaging Data

Define packaging, delivery method, timelines and currency requirements for warehouse

The Hub provides Pharma companies and outsourced packaging, manufacturing, and logistics providers with security, flexibility and visibility across their supply chain operations. Our data exchange architecture creates a centralised, harmonious and secure platform to integrate with outsourced suppliers. 

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