Supply chain ERP integration

Seamless ERP integrations

Upgrade your IT infrastructure seamlessly and reduce system migration risks

Outdated legacy IT systems that monopolise development time or require complex integrations present several challenges, as integrating them with newer technologies or third-party services can be a convoluted task requiring custom development, data mapping, and overcoming compatibility issues. 

If you're looking to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure across your supply chain, Veratrak can help reduce system migration risks and costs by optimising your new ERP integration.

Watch this video to discover how the Hub works, and some of its powerful features available to manage seamless ERP integrations and IT systems upgrade.

Partnering with a supply chain integration specialist like us, means we take away the burden of custom development, data mapping, and systems maintenance. 

With our integrated Hub platform, customers can reduce the support and maintenance needs associated with change management, such as internal or external technology upgrades, new market approvals, or regulatory changes.

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All your suppliers' data managed from a single dashboard

The Hub integrates directly with your supply chain systems, so you can manage your data in real time from a unified Hub dashboard. 

Achieve better visibility on logistics provider activities and shipping workflows

Global visibility of warehouse network and deliveries

Capture packaging requirements from delivery method, timelines, currency, to warehousing

Synchronise data between production, supply and planning.

Measure sustainability metrics, emissions calculations and reduce carbon footprint

A single, unified supply chain integration platform

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