Veratrak team members engaged with over 410 exhibitors and 5500 attendees over two days in Paris.

Veratrak was in Paris on the 5th and 6th of February to attend the Pharmapack Europe 2020 conference. The conference welcomed a mix of contract packaging, manufacturing, development, and drug delivery organisations all showcasing their latest innovations.

Jason Lacombe (CEO), Colin Tierney (Head of Product), and James Sully (Head of Partnerships) enjoyed catching up with clients and industry peers. Jason delivered a keynote talk centered around blockchain technology and its applicability towards security issues currently facing document collaboration processes between partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The well-attended talk brought insightful questions from the audience around Public versus Private permissioned blockchains and how the Veratrak platform handled visibility into immutable audit trails.

Thank you to the Pharmapack Europe team for executing another valuable conference and Veratrak looks forward to being back.