Veratrak attends FutureLink conference in Nashville

FutureLink is the industry’s only event that gathers hundreds of leaders from across the life sciences to collaborate on creating digital supply network solutions. TraceLink hosts two annual FutureLink events, one in the U.S. and one in Europe, to provide global and regional perspectives on the evolving pharmaceutical supply chain.


TraceLink, the world’s largest integrated digital supply network, announced the launch of the Digital Network Platform today at its FutureLink event in Nashville.

The Digital Network Platform will provide an environment for the development of network orchestration applications that enable partners to integrate and exchange transactional information interoperably about common business processes through standardized, secure, and permissioned interfaces, thereby creating new digital business process ecosystems that have never existed before.

Veratrak are excited by the collaboration opportunities that a platform like the digital network platform can create.


“It was great to hear experts describe how they are tackling the need to optimize the packaging and artwork process. It is clear that there is a real appetite to address current efficiency issues in new and innovative ways. We strongly believe Veratrak provides a material piece in solving this issue through improved, secure document collaboration.”

James Sully, Head of Partnerships