Veratrak founding member of the 1st European Blockchain Working Group

Veratrak is excited to announce that they are a founding member of the European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH). This is the First European Blockchain Working Group for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Global contract packaging and supply chain organisation (CPO), Tjoapack and UK-based technology company, Veratrak, have launched the European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH) as part of their ongoing partnership dedicated to improving pharmaceutical supply chain operations. EPOCH is an industry-specific technology working group that brings together pharmaceutical supply chain executives, emerging technologies thought leaders, standards agencies and 3rd party consultants/innovation groups. With interactive collaboration, the platform aims to: create dialogue about the future of the industry for adopting innovative technologies, produce industry papers outlining recommendations and a roadmap to adopting a more lean and secure pharmaceutical supply chain, and educate about the capabilities of blockchain using a pragmatic and hypothesis-driven approach. To learn more and become a member visit or follow EPOCH on Twitter @theEPOCHgroup.