Veratrak attends Contract Pharma’s 2019 Contracting & Outsourcing Conference

Veratrak attended the 18th Annual Contract Pharma Contracting & Outsourcing Conference this September, held in New Brunswick in the U.S.

The team was excited to engage with over 150 companies from around the world over two days on the exhibition floor at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Speakers covered advancements in topics, ranging from contract manufacturing and development services, and learned about the changing C(D)MO industry, regulatory challenges, GMP compliance, mitigating clinical supply chain risks, and outsourcing to China. 

“One of my key takeaways from this conference was that companies are now looking beyond serialization for use cases that improve supplier collaboration and efficiency. A common theme we heard was around the secure sharing of critical quality batch documentation. All the people we spoke with were excited about our platform and its ability to streamline so many of these paper heavy business processes.”

Jason Lacombe, CEO

“Experts at the conference reinforced the trend that outsourcing within the industry is outpacing the industry’s growth, meaning everyone needs software to address communication, collaboration, and security across this complex supply chain”

Colin Tierney, Head of Product