Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 at Veratrak

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Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 at Veratrak



This week, we celebrated International Women's Day 2024 every day to showcase some of our team members. At Veratrak, we believe that a diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives, innovation, and specialist skills, which are essential for driving innovation and winning in the market. Our inclusive work environment offers opportunities for growth and achievement to a broader range of individuals. 



Judy Balaratnam, Product Manager at Veratrak
"As a Product Manager with a focus on HealthTech, I'm passionate about leveraging technology to improve healthcare outcomes for all. With a track record of shipping innovative solutions in this field, I also actively advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech industry. I especially encourage aspiring women in Tech to speak up and share your perspectives; your voice is valuable, and your contributions can drive positive innovation within your team and the broader Tech Community."


Mila Namor IWD 2024  at Veratrak

Mila Namor, Senior Full Stack Engineer at Veratrak
"Latina women comprise only 2% of the tech workforce. I take pride in being among this minority and in both offering and receiving support through mentoring. It is imperative that we pursue a more #inclusive workforce to incorporate diverse perspectives and ideas into our product development. Moreover, the technology we utilise should be created by those who use it. Intentional hiring practices are essential to achieve this goal, and I am enthusiastic about collaborating with like-minded individuals who share this vision."


Josee Leach Head of Marketing at Veratrak

Josée Leach, Head of Marketing at Veratrak
"On International Women's Day, I celebrate the unwavering strength and inspiration my Mum has been in advocating for women's rights. Her legacy fuels my belief in equality and empowers me to help forge a gender equal world. As I look towards my daughter's journey, I wish her the same resilience and determination to thrive in her career, shaping a world where all women can flourish, where every voice is heard and every person is included."

Olivia Kirkham | Veratrak IWD 2024

Olivia Kirkham, Chief Operating Officer at Veratrak.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the core of our hiring approach at Veratrak. We strive to create a workplace that is representative of the diverse world we live in, where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Through intentional and inclusive hiring practices, we aim to build a team that not only reflects the diversity of our global community but also leverages this diversity to drive innovation and success in our industry.

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