BOMI Group joins Veratrak led IWP

BOMI Group collaborates with Veratrak to streamline operations and provide clients with easier integration.

Veratrak has announced its collaboration with BOMI Group as they join the Veratrak-led Integrated Warehouse Project.

The company has joined the Integrated Warehouse Project to leverage the industry-wide collaboration platform and move away from peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging between pharmaceutical companies and logistics partners. BOMI Group will benefit from Veratrak by connecting to the Integrated Warehouse Hub to reach sustainability goals, optimise supply chain operations and facilitate better data transfer between it and its HLS partners.

The Integrated Warehouse is a cloud-based hub, backed by blockchain technology and is the first ever HLS-LSP decentralised data exchange platform.  Blockchain technology will be used at participating organisations to verify data coming into the Integrated Warehouse message hub, thereby creating a single and irrefutable source of truth for all messages that are shared between Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) companies and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs).

CEO of Veratrak, Jason Lacombe comments: “We are thrilled to welcome BOMI Group to the Integrated Warehouse Project. We are excited to work with BOMI group and help the company work more efficiently and increase its visibility while capturing data exchanged across its supply chain.