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Paving the Path to Success with Seamless ERP Integrations

Modern cloud ERP softwares connect business operations with external partners and networks around the world, giving companies the collaboration, agili...

Unlocking Competitive Advantage by Migrating Your ERP to SAP S/4HANA

The urgency to transition to modern ERP systems arises from the imperative to leverage the potent functionalities provided by cloud-based applications...

Modernising IT Systems: Upgrading the Supply Chain Industry for Success

Outdated legacy IT systems that monopolise development time or require complex integrations present several challenges, as integrating them with newer...

Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey to Accelerate Supply Chain Resilience

After he moderated a panel at the PHARMAP conference in Geneva, 12-13 June, discussing ‘Supply Chain Optimisation in Pharmaceuticals’, we took some ti...

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Best Practices to Implement Cybersecurity in Your Supply Chain Network

This white paper shares best practices to gain confidence that you are keeping your organisation’s systems and data protected as new vulnerabilities emerge.


The Benefits of Applying Blockchain to a Supply Chain Audit Trail

Blockchain technology has several properties that make supply chains a powerful application context.

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